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Online Consultations
It is best for you to consult with a medical herbalist in person, for a face to face consultation. However, there are some circumstances where this may not be possible. For example if you are housebound, too unwell to travel, there is no herbalist in your geographic area, etc.. In this case, we can arrange an online or telephone consultation.

Not in Britain? 
We can arrange a Zoom, Skype or FaceTime consultation with one of our herbalists based at one of our three clinics in the UK as listed below. However, you may be able to find a qualified herbalist in your country. The following links will help you to find qualified Western Medical Herbalists in countries outside the UK:
Ireland: The Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists

For more information about qualified Herbalists at our Napiers Clinics, please click here. Or get in touch with us today by calling or emailing us directly at:

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