All Orders Should Now Be Placed On

At Napiers we have always been a close-knit community caring for each other. So it has been very sad to see the split of the United Kingdom from our Irish and mainland European neighbours. Given the global challenges that we face, when we should all be pulling together as one, it seems a huge step backward. Quite a sour lemon!

However, we cannot change it but must now cope with the consequences. One aspect of this is that red tape doubles as we now have two different sets of legislation, portals, compliance, data protection and other hoops to jump through - particularly when it comes to 'exporting' prescriptions and dispensary items out of the U.K. Nevertheless we will do our best.

This website has been set up to make ordering their medicines easier for our patients in the Irish republic and mainland Europe. Shipping your vital herbs from a new Napiers dispensary in the Republic of Ireland keeps us inside one regulatory framework. This should make life easier for you. Delivery times will be much quicker and you won't be faced with unexpected VAT or other duties on arrival in Ireland and the rest of the European Union.

Please note that although your prescriptions will be made up and shipped from our Irish dispensary, it is not open to the public and all Customer Care enquiries will still be managed by our lovely Napiers Bathgate team. Just email if you have any queries.

As the political mess of separation was so dragged out in the U.K. it has been very difficult and stressful for businesses to prepare for the new world that we find ourselves in. It has been rushed and uncertain, with a final deal announced just before Christmas Eve when most of our staff were looking forward to a well-earned rest. So please be patient with us in the first month of our launch if we make mistakes. We are trying!

May I close by wishing everyone a truly happy and healthy end to 2021. I deeply hope that it will be a huge improvement on the last 10 months.

Monica Wilde, Director.

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